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Core products


Increase your revenue and simplify your logistics at your club or festival with our cashless solution.


Fast and easy to use Point-Of-Sale software that will simplify your day to day operations.


No setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs. Create your event and sell tickets without any hassle.

"Our vision at Olaii is to make the event experience totally free of any distractions that lie on the path of having fun."

Key areas

Ticket sales

Ticket Sales

Your first real interaction with your visitors is at the moment they decide to purchase tickets for your event. We strive to make the purchase process as simple and intuitive as it can possibly be.

Cash management

Cash management

Everybody loves to make money, but very few really enjoy all the hassle that comes with managing multiple cash points. Our main goal is to simplify cash management process.

Slow sales

Slow sales

You know time is money and during the peak hours you have only so much time. Making it possible for your waiters to serve more customers per minute is our passion.

Access Control

Access Control

Making sure everybody gets through the gates in a reasonable amount of time is a key to good customer experience. We provide a simple phone based checkin system to speed the process up.



Knowing your numbers make all the difference between a successful venture or an unsuccessful one. That is why all our products come with easy to understand dashboards that will enable you to analyze your business.



Being recognizable in this day and age is all that matters really. That’s why we offer clean, recognizable, branded event pages for ticket sales and custom branded cashless cards or wristbands.

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Project "Olaii Payment" is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

The goal of the project is to develop and expand Olaii cashless payment system to more festivals and clubs in Slovenia and neighboring countries (Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary).