Ticket Sales

Selling tickets has never been so easy. No setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

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Online sale

Online sale

Everybody loves online shopping. Your visitors will be able to purchase tickets on the go from our website or if you wish we can integrate a widget for online sales directly onto your website.

Real world shops

Real world shops

Enable your visitors to purchase tickets in more than 300 physical shops all over Slovenia. We have partnered with OMV Slovenia and Trafike 3DVA - this way you will be selling tickets in top locations all the time.



+ 0.99 € per ticket (VAT not included)

Paid Events

Pay as you go, no hidden fees, no contracts, no setup fees and no monthly fees.


0 € per ticket

Free tickets

Hosting a free events comes at zero cost for you and your attendees. Best part is that you still get to use all our tools and apps for free.


Payment methods

Accept Visa, Mastercard or Maestro for online payments. Olaii will cover any fees charged by the payment gateway for you.

Issue your tickets

If you wish to sell tickets yourself at your office you can do that with Olaii too. Issue the tickets in our system for free and take advantage of our checkin system.

Easy Checkin

Check-in your guests with our free checkin app for Android and iOS. Just install, login and you are ready to go. No need to rent expensive hardware when your phone can do it all for free.

Customer Support

We provide live support chat for both you and your visitors. If you need help you can count on our team to assist you.

Rich Analytics

Track your sales in real time and use our charts to predict total sales for your event. Every bit of information you might need has been thought of and nicely visualized to make interpretation quick and easy.

Secure Payment

Olaii is PCI compliant and uses multiple layers of data protection to ensure credit card information is well protected. Our payment provider uses tokenization and 3DS to ensure safety of sensitive information.

Pay as you go

We don’t charge you for stuff you don’t need. Your cost will be just the tickets that you sell via our reseller network on via online sales. To simplify - if you sell 100 tickets, you will pay comission fee for 100 tickets and that’s it. No other costs.

Custom branding

Your event page is basically white labeled. Upload your custom header photo add description or videos to the event - customize it as much as you wish. Tickets can even have your logo on them.

How much will I make?

Ticket price

0.00 €

Olaii Service Fee

0.00 €

Credit Card Processing Fee

Buyer Pays
0.00 €
You Get
0.00 €

Check-in with ease

You can use our FREE app to check-in your attendees at the door. Scan the ticket and that's it.

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Android check-in app


Your pricing seems more expensive that those of your competition?

We thought long and hard about what a fair price should be. We analyzed pricing from many other providers and our costs that come with the service we want to provide. If you combine all the hidden costs that other provider might have you will end up with a much more expensive solution than ours. Of course, we are always happy to listen, so if you have a proposition we will be happy to listen to you. Drop us a line at info@olaii.com and we will see how can we help.

Are there any unexpected costs?

No, if you sell 0 tickets you will pay 0 EUR. If you sell only one ticket you will pay the fee for just that one. We want your success to be our success.

Do you provide any advertisement of the event?

Yes and no. Our main focus is providing you with nice and useful white-label solution. We believe that you yourself know your customers the most and how to address them. However within our partnership with 3DVA you can order advertising on their physical locations. If you're interested let us know at info@olaii.com

When will I receive my money?

We will transfer the funds to your account within a few days after the event in order to protect the customers in case of the event cancelation. Should you require funds prior the event let us know, and we will see if you're eligible.

Can I sell tickets with other ticketing providers as well?

Of course. We don't believe in vendor lockin. We want you to use our service because you like it, not because some contract says so.

Are you ready to sell some tickets?