Make more money by getting rid of cash and coins - 35% more to be exact!

It's simple



Take control of your cash

Never again will you have to worry that your concession partners will transfer funds to you in time – with Olaii it's you who controls and has absolute overview over the cashflow. Plus you only have to manage topup stations cash drawers!


Real time sales monitoring

Keeping an eye on your sales performance, stock level and many other key metrics is important. We bring you the right tools to do just so.


Reduced queues

Whether you're running a night club or producing a one day event, you know that serving more customers in a given time-frame is crucial. With Olaii you will be able to reduce queues to the minimum.


Increased sales up to 35%

Our customers report up to 35% increase in sales. This is a result of shifting from many conscious transactions by the visitor to only one – when they deposit the funds.


Increased sales

Faster turnaround at the bar and removed pain of paying will result in increased sales. Since it’s easier to spend money - tap to pay, and it’s a lot faster too, spending increases on average around 35%.

Real time monitoring

Monitor your sales in real time from anywhere in the world. Our analytics and monitoring tools enable you to track sales, top items, cashiers any many other metrics from any device - Mac, Windows, Android, iOS.

Secure solution

Security is our top priority. All the communications between our servers and POS registers is encrypted. NFC chips also come with additional layer of security preventing cloning - keeping your customers safe.

Integration with POS

Your staff will just have to select the ordered drinks and press pay. Our readers and POS are communicating so your staff doesn’t have to enter the amount in the reader separately - saving both time and reducing number of errors.

Theft prevention

Using Olaii will prevent thieves from achieving their goals. You don’t have to worry that someone might steal some cash during the midnight madness anymore. On top of that even your visitors are more safe than ever - all their cash can be stored on their wristband.

Scalable system

Down time is not acceptable - that’s why we have designed our solution to handle 10, 100 or a 1000 Point-of-Sale stations simultaneously. We even make sure that our solution works if the internet connection at the location is temporarily down.

Reduced cost

Manage cash only at top-up stations. This reduces the number of points you need to secure and the amount of time needed to perform cash counting.


Branding is important. Your visitors will get NFC cards or wristbands with the graphics and design of your choice.

New revenue streams

With our solution your festival or club will also generate new revenue streams. Card or Wristband activation fees, unspent cash and potential new sponsorships.

Calculate your financial gain

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